List of Recent Donors

The Community Club would like to thank the following individuals and entities for their gracious financial gifts. The New York Avenue Foundation combines many individual contributions, including contributions through the Combined Federal Campaign, for which we do not have individual donor names but to whom we are nonetheless immensely grateful. In addition, many friends gave generously to the Andrew Charles Dornan Memorial Scholarship Fund, whose recipients are Community Club students who will soon graduate from college and for whom the scholarship aid will lessen their burden of loans as they move into the next adventures of their lives.

  • Lisa Blackwell
  • Bloomberg News
  • Ken and Susie Campbell
  • Chubb and Company
  • Fredericka Cobren
  • The Combined Federal Campaign
  • Bruce Davie Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Andrew Charles Dornan Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Charles and Betty Dornan
  • Josh and Kimi Dornan
  • Paul and Barbara Dornan
  • Amy Gillespie
  • Wilson and Kris Golden
  • Tom Karr
  • Alvaro Martin
  • Alison Kootstra
  • Harry Moore
  • The New York Avenue Foundation
  • New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Lee and Mary Smith
  • Adele Thompson

Finally, the tutors and students of Community Club would like to take this opportunity to thank the steady and sure service of the staff of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.

  • Pastor Roger J. Gench
  • Alice Tewell
  • Tiffany Dougall
  • Emily Jackson
  • Lawson James
  • Ben Knotts
  • Evelyn McMillan
  • Pierre Moye
  • Raymond Newman
  • Kathryn Smith
  • David Smoot
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